SPRINT Robotics is proud to be working with leading associations and media publications in the industry.  Through this valued support and collaboration, we can collectively drive the uptake of I&M robotics and create synergies, ensuring the SPRINT Robotics World Conference for Inspection & Maintenance Robotics will reach professionals around the globe 

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The ASSET PERFORMANCE CONFERENCE, powered by BEMAS, is scheduled for November 13 & 14, 2024, in Antwerp, Belgium. This premier European event centers on digitization in Maintenance and Asset Management, focusing on enhancing asset reliability and cost efficiency while promoting sustainability through digital transformation and people-centric enhancements. Featuring over 60 expert presentations, the conference explores critical themes including Sustainable Asset Performance, Smart Maintenance & Reliability 5.0, and the innovative application of Generative AI and digital solutions across Operations, Maintenance, and Asset Management.

The Knowledge and Innovation Centre for Maintenance Process Industry, Kic | MPi’s , primary goal is to drive innovation aimed at enhancing maintenance efficiency in the process industry across North West Europe. By championing innovative approaches to the maintenance cycle, KicMPi plays a pivotal role in advancing the Circular Economy. This unique initiative fosters an ecosystem where asset owners, contractors, and educational institutes collaborate closely, establishing KicMPi as a central hub for expertise and innovation in process industry maintenance.