Upcoming Events


29oct08:3008:45CONFERENCE OPENINGTjibbe Bouma, Conference Chairman08:30 - 08:45(GMT+01:00)

29oct08:4509:15Keynote Speaker: Erwin Verstraelen "APICA: The added value of autonomous assets, sensors and a digital twin in realizing the vision of a smart port"08:45 - 09:15(GMT+01:00)

29oct09:1509:45Keynote #2 new Board member(s)09:15 - 09:45(GMT+01:00)

29oct09:4510:15Panel session/battle. explain quiz09:45 - 10:15(GMT+01:00)

29oct11:1511:405 min Exhibitor Pitches: Company Name 1Presenter - Company Name11:15 - 11:40(GMT+01:00)

29oct11:4012:055 min Exhibitor Pitches: Company Name 2Presenter - Company Name11:40 - 12:05(GMT+01:00)

29oct12:0512:305 min Exhibitor Pitches: Company Name 3Presenter - Company Name12:05 - 12:30(GMT+01:00)